Our Orphanage in Kampala, Uganda has a $10,000 yearly payment due January 1, 2023. We need to raise these funds in order to keep the Orphanage home. This is a rent-to-own policy. We initially owed $50,000. We have paid this year's payment, which leaves a total of $40,000. This is due in four more yearly payments.


Problem We Are Trying to Solve

Raise $10,000 yearly payment.

How We Are Going To Do It

We will be working on this in several parts. 


Part 1: Online Auction Fundraiser: September 2-11, 2022


Partnering with GalaBid Online Auction platform, we plan to run this from Friday, the 2nd, through Sunday, the 11th. This ten day online auction features trips and some great items to bid on. 


Part 2: Email our existing donors and ask for a donation to this Fundraising Campaign.


Part 3: Contact local and national companies asking them to sponsor our Campaign.


Part 4: Social Media: We will be posting the Fundraising Campaign on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We will ask existing donors if they would help pay for some ads on Facebook. Most of our social media work will be utilizing the free features and posting updates of our campaign.


Who Benefits

The Marie Wright Children's Foundation located in Kampala, Uganda which serves orphans and vulnerable children will be the beneficiary of these funds. They run a non-profit orphanage that is registered with the government of Uganda. You can go to https://marie-wcf.org and read all about their projects and the work that they are doing with the orphans and vulnerable children. We are the fundraising 501(c)3 platform for the Marie Wright Children’s Foundation. We have a 501(c)3 in the United States. If you want more information about our 501(c)3, please visit our website at: www.friendsmwcf777.org

Long Term Impact

The yearly payment will be paid and won’t need to be paid again until January 2024.

What We Need To Do

We will run our Online Auction Fundraiser from September 2-11.

We will contact all of our existing donors by email, asking them to give to our Campaign.

We will contact local and national companies asking them to sponsor our Campaign.

We will provide updates via social media and email on our progress of the Campaign. This will include daily or bi-daily posts of our Campaign to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This will utilize free posts.

We will ask donors to sponsor ads on Facebook for further social media coverage of our Campaign. 

We will continue this process until our Campaign is Funded.

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