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Dearest All! Good People!

Nothing is given in this world but what I can assure you is that this is actually the very last charity I organise within Credit Suisse and will not spam you anymore! Final month of my work for this company and unfortunately with all of you is approaching.

I thought for a very long time what should I do to get remembered and what actually could be described as IMPACTful and remarkable – what else than CHARITY FUNDRAISING! You know me by now, right?

To be honest, over last five years I realised that what I do best is bringing people together so let’s make it a deal, we’ll go for a coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, drink or snack! I’ll do my best to meet you all in person, online with camera or outside but still in July! I can’t bake so will not offer you cakes, my diy skills are quite limited so what I can make you, or we could actually make together is paper origami crane!

What I would ask you to do in small return is to spare few coins and donate to Ekostraz – either here through Copalana or wire (Stowarzyszenie Ochrony Zwierz?t EKOSTRA? 67 1540 1030 2103 7774 4098 0005)

The modernization of Ekostraz premises, including building renovation and the provision of medical equipment.

Ekostraz, established in 2009 and based in Wroclaw, acts to protect all animals, domestic, wild and free-living.

The organisation provides help in the form of interventions in cases of suspected animal abuse, veterinary and legal aid, facilitates animal adoption and focuses on raising awareness and educating the public in the field of animal welfare.

Currently Ekostraz takes care of over 250 hedgehogs, as well as a racoon, several foxes, hens, pigeons, dogs and cats.

Credit Suisse's support will facilitate the modernization of Ekostraz premises, including building renovation and the provision of medical equipment.

Funds collected will help Ekostraz intervene and fight for justice, save lives and provide veterinary care, prepare for adoption (domestic animals), find homes or release to the wild, organize money and gift collections, events, and educate.

The aim is for all participants to fundraise for the Credit Suisse charity of the year in their offices/home offices. Also family and friends are more than welcome to support.

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Marta Zienkiewicz

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