Tour de Credit Suisse 2023, Swiss Team

Happy anniversary, Tour de Credit Suisse! For this 10th edition of the Tour, the team will start in Nice in Southern France and cycle all the way to Geneva.

This is a challenging, employee-driven fundraiser in favour of young people in need and a fantastic team-building opportunity for Credit Suisse employees from across the bank.

Solidarity with young people in need of psychological help

More and more young people in Switzerland feel the psychological pressure due to multiple crises: Coronavirus, climate, Ukraine war, inflation, social disparity etc. hit children and young people in a particularly vulnerable phase of their lives. Pro Juventute provides easily accessible help through their crisis line 147. The helpline has experienced an increase of 50% in calls from young people over only two years, with +30% expressing fear and depression, and 7-8 per day seeking advice because of suicide thoughts, more than twice than before the pandemic.

Children and young people in Switzerland who are in need of low-key, but professional psychological help.

Many children and young people cope well with the pressures of today’s world. However, an increasing number suffer from fear and anxiety in one of the most important formative phases of their lives. Without help, many of them will be left behind and will be the silent losers of tomorrow. Dependence on social institutions and even suicides are the possible effects. With providing low-key and easily accessible help programs, many of these can be helped, increasing their chances in our society.

Support participants with donations. Employees organize and manage the entire event, and they cover most of the cost for the ride, including travel, accommodation, food and drink, and road safety and support themselves.

Fundraiser updates

  • 22 Aug, 2023

    Thank you so much for pedalling and collecting for children and young people. Much strength in your legs and a lot of joy in the ups and downs of the journey. I am very pleased that we at Pro Juventute can count on the employees of Credit Suisse also this year. 

    Safe travels and all the best!

    Katja Schönenberger
    Director Pro Juventute

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