It costs €1 to plant a tree and make sure that it thrives in years to come. For many, this is the most simple way to contribute to the global effort to plant the Trillion Trees that we need to grow in order to make an impact on the climate crisis.

Community rewilding projects establish a relationship between people and the environment where we can learn to re-connect with nature.

We are creating a roadmap which can be followed by communities around the world to establish their very own re-wilding area. 


Problem We Are Trying to Solve

The more trees we plant, the better. Better for the planet, better for Carbon Sequestration. Better for Bio Diversity. Better for climate. Better for the communities that live near the Tree Plantimg Programmes

How We Are Going To Do It

We are focusing the efforts of this Tree Planting Programme on urban projects - engaging communities and educating children on the importance of nature.

Who Benefits

Ark2030 has major global eco system restoration programmes in developing countries around the world; planting trees on an epic scale.

This project is aimed at re greening our cities, urban communities and local projects in the developed world

Long Term Impact

Helping the world to understand the importance of trees in their local environment 

What We Need To Do

    We are working with a community re-wilding project planting trees on donated land to create a road map that can be followed by thousands of communities around the world.

    The funding will enable us to develop that Road Map and fund project start ups around the world 


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