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Thank you for participating in auctions and supporting our Charity Of The Year - Ekostraz

All auctions lasts till 18th November 12:00 am - till that time you can place your bids under desired items.

After auction is closed, person who puts the highest bid, wins auction and will receive item, after providing confirmation of amount transferred to Copalana platform.

This is the place to transfer your amount for item you won on auction. Please note that amount needs to be at least equal to the amount shown on auction portal under your bid.

After positive verification, you will be able to collect your items in agreed date and place

Ekostraz, established in 2009 and based in Wroclaw, acts to protect all animals, domestic, wild and free-living. The organisation provides help in the form of interventions in cases of suspected animal abuse, veterinary and legal aid, facilitates animal adoption and focuses on raising awareness and educating the public in the field of animal welfare. Currently Ekostraz takes care of over 250 hedgehogs, as well a racoon, several foxes, hens, pigeons and dogs and cats.


Problem We Are Trying to Solve

The modernization of Ekostraz premises, including building renovation and the provision of medical equipment.

How We Are Going To Do It

By collecting funds

Who Benefits

The animals that are under Ekostraz care.

Long Term Impact

The funds collected will help Ekostraz intervene and fight for justice, save lives and provide veterinary care, prepare for adoption (domestic animals), find homes or release to the wild, organize money and gift collections, events, and educate.

What We Need To Do

Donate to the project and support our Charity Of The Year 2022.

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