This Project consist in supporting the Swiss Fondation Solyna to save little Cambodian girls from human traffic. The situation is critical and therefore we need to act saving and educating little and yound girls in Cambodia who have been badly raped and tortured sometimes since their very early age!



Problem We Are Trying to Solve

Due to the Covid situation, we need urgently to reduce the number of little and young girls who are victims of human trafficking in Cambodia

How We Are Going To Do It

The actual sanitary situation prevent us to organize events in order to inform as many people as possible and to raise money to finance an ONG called AFESIF in Cambodia (mother house).

That's why I am launching this crowdfunding projetc today on Copalana in order to achieve the challenging goal of raising money for our little victims.

Who Benefits

The ONG AFESIP in Cambodia (mother house) benefits directly from our action and from the money you will donate us.

The little girls are for sure the first benefiaries of your donations. Rescue, care, food, roof, education and a future, this is what you are going to give them a hope.

Long Term Impact

The former victims are taken care of and educated until their possible integration in the cambodian society.

What We Need To Do

    Fondation Solyna is a swiss foundation acting exclusively for this cause.

    Being a member of the board of the foundation, I need your help to achieve this urgent charity action !

    Little girls there need your help to survive and to have a future !

    Help me to help them !



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