Within the Geneva Macro Labs Community, there are people with friends and family in Ukraine or currently fleeing the country. Some of them have chosen Geneva because they already know people here. We want to support these families with finding a place and a situation that allows them to stay together, to find a kindergarten and a school for the children, and to be able to take their next decisions as calmly as possible. 

Geneva Macro Labs wants to support friends or families of our community who are coming to Geneva as refugees to continue their lives. We are offering support, help in finding housing, and securing financial aid for the transition period.


It is difficult to find housing in Geneva. For the families we are supporting, staying together is crucial, so that the children can have a stable surrounding and that they are financially secured so that they can be able to take the next steps.

Geneva Macro Labs and Geneva Impacts has a large community. We want to use this community to find housing and support, to provide help with bureaucratic and administrative matters and to offer financial aid directly where it is needed. The money will be used for the following purposes:

- Basic material for daily life (School materials, clothing, food)

- Housing 

- Telephones/SIM-Cards

- Tickets for Public Transport

The families that we are supporting will not have to worry within the first time period of arrival and can start making connections within the community, in order to decide upon their next step.

Hopefully peace. The campaign is short-term and will help the families transition to an independent situation.

We need to:

  • build a support network for the families
  • connect them with people who can offer advice, support with administrative and organisational challenges
  • find housing
  • establish the immediate (financial) needs and plan the distribution of funds
  • make sure 

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