We are the Swiss Association KVITEN, which is engaged in the organization and supply of humanitarian aid for Ukraine, evacuations from Ukraine to Switzerland, legal, and documentary support of the temporary displaced people. In providing humanitarian assistance, we place special emphasis on medical assistance, represented by life-saving drugs, first aid drugs, traumatology and oncology.

This project is targeting severely affected Kharkiv and Sumy regions. Necessary drugs are vital for diabetics and people with thyroid disorders.


Provide essential drugs for diabetics and people with thyroid disorders in severely affected regions in Ukraine.



There are 4 main groups of insulin: short-acting, medium-acting, ultra-short-acting and long-acting. There are no restrictions on the dose of insulin (both short and extended). One person, when using two types of insulin (2 syringe pens, 1 syringe pen contains 300 IU), will get a sufficient amount for 15-20 days.

L-thyroxine and Euthyrox

The drugs belong to the category of hormonal drugs and are used in the treatment of pathologies associated with impaired functioning of the thyroid gland (hypothyroidism, euthyroid and diffuse goitre, thyrotoxicosis or hyperthyroidism). The drugs are similar, but not interchangeable, because excipients differ. 

We will buy the medicine in Switzerland and deliver it to Sumy and Kharkiv regions of Ukraine for further distribution to people with special medical needs. Insulin, L-Thyroxine and Euthyrox will be bought from manufacturers Sanofi (France), Lilly (Switzerland), Novo Nordisk (Denmark) and AMEDIS AG (Switzerland). Kviten buys them through the Swiss network of pharmacies Med Base. Kviten has a personal agreement with Med Base, due to which it receives medicines at wholesale prices: 25-45% below the final consumer cost, depending on the drug. In the case of L-Thyroxine, there is an additional discount - this is due to the specifics of pricing in Switzerland. 


In total we want to buy 1700 packs of insulin, L-thyroxine and Euthyrox for the total amount of ca 50'000 CHF. This medicine will allow people in the severely affected regions of Ukraine to continue their medication.

Ukrainians from Kharkiv and Sumy regions who suffer from diabetis or thyroid disorders. 

Insulin, L-Thyroxine and Euthyrox will allow people to continue their medication until they will get to safety or further medical supplies will be delivered. As the relevant deseases are potentially live-threatening, medical supplies will save lives of affected people.

We need to raise sufficient amount to be able to buy required medicine and deliver it to Ukraine. 3000 CHF will allow to buy ca 200 packs of Euthyrox or ca 45 Insulin Flexpens and to cover part of the overall need.

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