In such difficult times for all Ukrainians what matters is immense support from wonderful people and organizations around the world. Geneva in Switzerland is no exception.

From day 1 Geneva Macro Labs Community has provided strong shoulder to many Ukrainian refugees by supporting them in finding accommodation, engaging in volunteering projects, finding storage facilities to collect and prepare humanitarian aid for families in Ukraine.

In partnership with social enterprise Copalana, the first fundraising campaign has collected 1000fr that was donated to the Swiss-Ukraine support association “Ukraine Reborn” to support newly organized on the volunteering basis cultural center GE Care Ukraine for integration and socialization of Ukrainian refugees.


Problem We Are Trying to Solve

People are forced not only to leave their homes, but also to stop valuable education of their children and their own, leave behind their hobbies, their comfort and all what they worked for.

As the war continues, more families, and especially children, need a helping hand with day-to-day communication, job, education, hobbies and activities.

How We Are Going To Do It

In just 3 months of the center existence more than 1000 families got access to courses, classes and clubs and received essential integration information. Every participation counts and helps the center grow, expand its activities.

Received funds are spent to make possible free access for refugees to language classes, psychological help, job search, interactive activities by covering basic expenses applied materials for the meetings and needs of the teachers.

Who Benefits

Every single person in the society benefits from the knowledge that people in distress are in good hands, looked after and reassured. Joining our forces are help each other to build strong community and bring the day of peace closer.

Long Term Impact

Switzerland is doing the most important part of providing safety, security, alimentation, education to ukrainian refugees. Now it is time to take it one step further and help these people find themselves again. Also reach out to those without social media. Support them phycologically. Learn the language with them. Introduce to the local cuture and habits. Guide them through the opportunities the foreign country that became their temporal home can provide to be valuable member of the society in the long-term.

What We Need To Do

Every donation big and small counts and brings us closer to the goal. We invite YOU to join us in our effort to make refugees feel welcome, comfortable, included part of the local community.

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