Islands around the world share common challenges which impact communities, bio diversity, ocean systems and sustainable co existence 

The Challenge

To understand how island economies and communities can live sustainably within their natural surroundings and to develop common solutions to the challenges that they face.

The Plan

To address the key challenges faced by Island communities; access to clean energy, clean water, providing sustainable food security from land and sea and managing waste.


Problem We Are Trying to Solve

Thousands of Island economies around the world face common challenges. 

Reliance on the importing of oil for electricity supply

Reliance on importation of food

The impact of farming techniques on the near shore environment and the impact that this has on tourism

Managing waste and the absence of recycling initiatives

Sustainable use of the ocean economy

How We Are Going To Do It

Our mission is to develop an 'Island Economies' blue print which can provide islands around the world with access to the knowledge, resource and financing to implement programmes which resolve these issues

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Go to:

Who Benefits

The economic implications of delivering clean energy, sustainable food sourcing and enhanced tourism opportunities creates a huge impact on the millions of people worldwide who live in island economies 

The implications for bio diversity and ocean health radiate from every island which adapts the strategies developed by the programme

Long Term Impact

Thousands of island economies around the world will be able to develop sustainable economies living in harmony with nature and the oceans ... the whole world benefits form the scale of impact created by developing the blueprint

What We Need To Do

    We need to fund the development of the strategic think tank which co ordinates global thinking to create the 'Island Economies' blueprint - piloting the strategies before scaling up the programme implementation worldwide


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