#Just Give a 5!  

Wondering, what amount can we collect if everyone within SUB Poland donate 5 PLN?*

PLN to PLN, dollar to dollar, coin to coin – feed our virtual charity piggy bank!

What is the easiest way to support members of the St. Christopher’s Oncology Hospice Foundation? Just give a 5! 

With this action we would like to raise more with less effort and make it easy for you – so, just give a 5!


One click on Copalana 

Or direct payment (title: SUB Poland action) + please provide payment's confirmation to Gabi Piotrowska SVOB 22      


Title: SUB Poland Action

Fundacja Hospicjum Onkologiczne

73 1240 1040 1111 0010 9621 5389



SUB Poland employees are going above and beyond the motto “Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference’’. 

And it can only happen with your help! Each one of you from 320 employees within SUB Poland – THANK YOU!


Together with the SUB Poland Charity Committee we are going to be creative and engage you in a new virtual actions, fundraising ideas, however this time – we just ask you to give a five :)    


Every little bit helps

SUB Poland Charity Committee


Problem We Are Trying to Solve

SUB Poland is launching funding initiative to support Charity of the Year - St. Christopher's Oncology Hospice Foundation

How We Are Going To Do It

Just donate :) 

Who Benefits

St. Christopher's Oncology Hospice Foundation

Long Term Impact

With support from Credit Suisse, the hospice will be able to secure access of the on premise hospice to:

-good quality food for patients;

-undisturbed service of medical waste utilization;

-undisturbed service of laundry services;

-good quality specialized cleaning services

What We Need To Do

    just give a 5 :) 


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