MatsaRigi CBO (Community Based Organization) is a non-profit organization in Matsangoni, Kenya, dedicated to funding and delivering charitable services. MatsaRigi strives to help the Matsanjeni community to become independent in supporting themselves.


Problem We Are Trying to Solve

Eradicting the poverty cycle by providing free education to children of the area (starting with pre-primary and primary school and with the vision to expand to secondary school and construct a health center).

How We Are Going To Do It

School and infrastructure are established and there are currently 64 children going to school. We need to build capacities to enable the school to become more independent from donors and generate income through sustainable projects (growing fruits and vegetables, constructing a chicken farm and expanding the existing goat farm, ensuring water supply through a borehole, offering infrastructure for volunteering visitors who support MatsaRigi by working for the different projects on the ground, donations and paying for accommodation, food and events). 

Who Benefits

100% of the collected money will go to the MatsaRigi school and the projects to support sustainable funding of the school. 

Long Term Impact

Self-sustained free quality education for local children from preprimary school to grade 12 and basic medical supply for the local population that helps the communities to escape the poverty cycle.

What We Need To Do

With the Suppentag at one of the HR departments of Credit Suisse we want to support the MatsaRigi project.

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