We are Swiss Association KVITEN (April in English), which is engaged in the organization and supply of humanitarian aid for Ukraine, evacuations from Ukraine to Switzerland, legal and documentary support of the temporary displaced people.

As conflict intensifies inside Ukraine, the pharmacies, hospitals and clinics all over the country lack necessary medical equipment, medicines and medical supplies to provide people with basic medical care.


Problem We Are Trying to Solve

We are going to purchase life-saving drugs, first aid drugs, orthopedic equipment, traumatology and oncology medicine, medical equipment for Ukrainian pharmacies, hospitals and clinics.

Here is a list of medical needs:

  • Dressing material sterile
  • Chlorhexidine solution
  • Braunol
  • Betadine
  • Cefuroxim
  • Ciprofloxacinum
  • Nifuroxazidum
  • Amoxicillin+inhibitor B lactam
  • Set of transport immobilization tires
  • Portable x-ray machines
  • Pulse lavage systems
  • Orthopedic drills
  • Means of external fixation of a forearm
  • Means of external fixation of a shin
  • Means of external fixation of a thigh
  • Means of external fixation of a shoulder
  • Bag valve masks / Ambu bags: Pocket BVM Manual Resuscitator
  • Emergency ventilator
  • Electrode coagulation
  • Coagulation electrosurgical unit
  • Orthopedic surgery bone cement - Synicem 1
  • Surgical Instrument Cannulated Drill Bj1403b
  • V.A.C Granufoam Dressing (Medium)
  • The TPN system (V.A.C® type)
  • Sets for epidural anesthesia
  • Sets for cricothyrotomy
  • Subclavian set single lumen
  • Subclavian set dual lumen
  • System for transfusion of infusion solutions
  • Disposable blades for scalpel
  • Disposable blades for scalpel
  • Syringes
  • Surgical sterile gloves nr. 8
  • Surgical sterile gloves nr. 7,5
  • Surgical sterile gloves nr. 7

How We Are Going To Do It

We are going to buy medicine and medical equipment in Switzerland and deliver it to Ukraine for further distribution to hospitals and clinics with relevant needs.

KVITEN has a personal agreement with Med Base, due to which it receives medicines at wholesale prices: 25-45% below the final consumer cost, depending on the drug.

Also, KVITEN has qualified doctors who are responsible for purchasing the high-quality medicines and medical equipment, and coordinating its logistics.

We have partner charity foundations which help to deliver humanitarian aid directly to the endpoints. Moreover, our volunteers are literally risking their lives by escorting cargo.

Who Benefits

Hospitals and clinics in Ukraine that lack life-saving medicine and equipment.

Long Term Impact

The help will provide people affected by the war with essential medical care and save their lives.

What We Need To Do

We need to raise sufficient amounts to be able to buy required life-saving medical supplies, medicine, medical equipment and deliver it to Ukraine.

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