Global plastic consumption has skyrocketed during the past decades, causing a severe threat to the ocean, nature, and society. Immediate and collective action is needed to change the tide against plastic pollution. We want to change the world. And we want to do it together with you. We believe the solution lies in reducing plastic consumption, improving waste management, and large-scale cleanup solutions to stop the amounts of plastic waste littering our waters and causing a severe threat to marine life, ecosystems, climate change, and human health. 


Working with our Project Partners ReSea, we are on a mission to put an end to the ocean plastic crisis and to make waves beyond the sea we operate in. Our cleanup solution is community-driven, meaning we employ people in local communities to recover plastic waste from oceans and rivers. By supporting the income of our cleanup team, we contribute to better living conditions for our cleanup team and their families, and it helps raise awareness to stop plastic pollution at its source.


Building a global movement of businesses being frontrunners against ocean plastic pollution, we have the power to accelerate and make a real difference. With businesses supporting our mission we can advance our operations throughout Indonesia and similar places in the world with inadequate waste management and poverty. With our presence we seek to inspire people, governments, and companies to take concerned actions to break the plastic wave and protect the heart of the planet.


Together. For a plastic-free ocean.


Problem We Are Trying to Solve

With a community-driven cleanup solution supporting the circular economy, we’re not only cleaning oceans and rivers from plastic waste, we contribute to six of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Here’re the problems we solve:


• We stop plastic from littering oceans and rivers, preventing it from breaking down into microplastics, and from harming ecosystems and wildlife. 

• The areas where we operate are low-income and lack the right waste management systems to avoid plastic waste from ending in waterways. Our presence in those local communities helps fight poverty by creating jobs and economic growth, and our presence helps raise awareness to stop the inflow and contribute to better waste handling. 

• We support the circular economy by sorting the plastic collected and process it for local waste banks who distribute the plastic for recycling and waste handling purposes. Through our constant development, we strive to engage in strong local partnerships to utilize the longevity of the plastic recovered to reduce the amount of the new plastic entering the world.

How We Are Going To Do It

Our Partner ReSea is just the second organization in the world to be certified after DNV’s Chain of Custody Standard for reclaimed plastic from oceans and rivers. The certification provides proof of the plastic’s source and our impact, reassuring that your support of ReSea Project helps make oceans and rivers cleaner from plastic waste. 

Our cleanup solution is fully transparent, traceable, and scalable. As our movement grows so does our impact, both in terms of fighting ocean plastic pollution and improving people’s lives.

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Who Benefits

Our local acts build global impacts. By tackling ocean plastic pollution in the worst affected areas contribute with the highest possible impact to the global plastic pollution problem.

By cleaning up our oceans, we are contributing to protecting and restoring the heart of the planet while benefitting to better living conditions for people and future generations.

Long Term Impact

The ocean is suffocating in plastic. Breaking the plastic wave through immediate action is crucial to prevent an environmental disaster. Without action, the annual flow of plastic into the ocean could nearly triple by 2040. ReSea Project seeks to address this issue by making a tangible difference by reducing the amounts of plastic found its way into our oceans, and to stop more from getting there.

Working with ReSea we aspire to build a global movement of businesses taking the lead against ocean plastic pollution. By doing so we will advance our operations to places with inadequate waste management and poverty, and inspire people, governments, and companies to close the tap and take concerned actions to protect our planet.

What We Need To Do

    Working with ReSea our next steps are to grow our impact in Indonesia and establish new cleanup ecosystems near rivers and coastal areas affected by plastic pollution, enter new local partnerships to ensure the highest possible amount of the recovered plastics enter the circular economy. Our daily efforts of raising awareness locally and globally remain, and our vision is to expand our operations to new geographic areas suffering from plastic mismanagement and low-income.


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