Tokenization of Ocean Assets

The next 10 years (or less) will determine whether we can reduce the worst effects of climate change. The ocean is a vital ally in that effort, but only if we can turn around the damage that has already been done, not only from climate change itself, but from the excessive extraction of the ocean’s resources, including whales, and from polluting its waters.

By protecting and increasing the whale population, we have a chance to curb climate change and ensure clean air for future generations.



Oceans are the world’s largest CO2 sink and capture 25% of global emissions.
Yet, their health and maritime biodiversity are in danger, including whales.

We need to protect and significantly increase the number of whales so that we and future generations can enjoy our planet and breath clean air.

Due to the ongoing climate crisis with rampant carbon emissions, efforts were intensified to preserve forests and other natural assets via local and global carbon trading schemes. Despite the ocean being a major oxygen contributor and carbon capturer in the atmosphere, it seems to be forgotten in these schemes. This project aims to change that.


When it comes to saving the planet, one whale is worth thousands of trees” (Ralph Chami, IMF). Whales, like most keystone species, serve as ecosystem engineers, using nature’s own “earth-tech” to maintain a balanced ocean ecosystem. Whales have a significant impact on the biological carbon pump (BCP).

We support organisations that protect the whales and enable the financial markets to further fund this initiative with securities like Blue Carbon Tokens. For the first time impact investors will be able to easily fund such nature-based solutions.

As a first step we explore a concept that can create or invest in generating ocean and whale-driven carbon sequestered credits, certified and supported by scientific research.


Whales, people and our planet benefit from this joint effort. As there is an estimated demand for carbon credits, stakeholders across the market such as impact investors, nature conservation NGOs, and sustainability-conscious private companies would benefit from this initiative.


This project helps to mitigate climate change and lower carbon emissions. Whales have a significant impact on the biological carbon pump, which is a natural mechanism that drives the sequestration of carbon from the atmosphere by storing CO2 in the ocean’s deeper layers. It is estimated to transfer approximately 10 gigatons of carbon from the atmosphere to the deep ocean each year. That equals 3 million Boing 747 jets or 5.5 million blue whales.


An IMF study estimates that if whales were to return to their pre-whaling 4-5 million population it could result in an additional carbon capture of 370 million tonnes of CO2, annually.


Our project sets a globally-recognized certification standard to make Blue Carbon Tokens tradeable. For the first time impact investors will be able to easily fund such nature-based solutions.

Our solution creates a tradeable asset for the financial markets and accelerates funding to restore our precious ocean ecosystem. 

We have a unique opportunity at hand. Let’s kick-start this project with 100,000 CHF. Are you ready to make history with us?

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