Mobilising 100,000 people to offset their personal Carbon Footprint with up to 1 Million REDD+ Carbon Credits available from Ark Partner Projects

  • A typical individual in the developed world will have a Carbon Footprint of 12 Tonnes of CO2 annually
  • If you are eco conscious with travel and consumption your Carbon Footrpint may be as little as 6 Tonnes of CO2 annually
  • For those of you who commute by car and enjoy foreign holidays you are more likely too have a Carbon Footprint heading towards 25 Tonnes of CO2 annually

We are inviting the Ark community worldwide to offset their current year Carbon Footprint by purchasing offsets from our stock of REDD+ Carbon Credits..beginning your journey to Net Zero



Problem We Are Trying to Solve

It's simple  - we need everyone to join the Race to Net Zero to make a contribution to the efforts to decarbonise planet earth

How We Are Going To Do It

The funds are used to finance Ark2030 Eco System Restoration programmes around the world

Who Benefits

Everyone benefits from eco system restoration and Carbon Offset Programmes

The planet - from the sequestration of Carbon from the atmosphere 

Communities - from the creation of sustainable eco systems and funding of infra structure

You -  from knowing that you are doing your bit



Long Term Impact

This is just the beginning - the idea is to engage 1 billion people to commit to a Zero Carbon footrpint 

What We Need To Do

    Step 1: Pay for your Carbon Credits to offset your annual footprint

    Step 2: Engage with the Ark mission to start to understand how to reduce your actual Carbon Footprint


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