Feeding the world without destroying the planet

The mission is to create an online resource that enables everyone around the world to make productive use of their land..from small gardens to large scale regenerative farming

Imagine combining knowledge from the latest technologies with ancient indigenous wisdom, the worlds greatest regenerative agriculturalists with the science emerging from academic institutions - and developing an open access platform that allows everyone to create productive ecosystems that feed the world and nourish the planet.

The Ark Global Farm is building that resource. 


Problem We Are Trying to Solve

Post war farming has been driven by the concept that soil is not important - all we need to grow food and farm animals can be delivered by factories - fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides and processed animal feeds all drive a system designed to feed billions at the lowest possible economic cost

Decades later we are learning the folly of that agenda. 

Degraded landscapes delivering lower and lower yields whilst demanding more and more artificial input.

Soils that neither retain water in drought nor absorb water in flood.

Lack of landscape resilience to the impact of climate change impacting the security of farming life

Decades of farmers being exploited and driven to the edge of economic ruin by a food system that neither respect farmers nor the source of where our food comes from

It is a broken system

How We Are Going To Do It

Whether you own a small vegetable patch, an allotment, a small holding or a farm, understanding how best to turn that into a productive food supply is knowledge that few posses.

Whether to feed the family, selling at a local farmers market, supplying online or delivering to large scale food producers , there is a new understanding of how to make sure that the you make they most productive use of YOUR land in YOUR UNIQUE ENVIRONMENT 

The Ark 2030 Global Farm platform will bring together relevant data and knowledge to enable anyone in the world to design and implement an action plan to make the most productive use of their land.

The Paltform will enable millions of people aground the world to transition their land use  with access to a system that:

  • Ascertains the specific characteristics of the exact landscape - soil type and quality, terrain, weather systems, climate, water supply and a myriad of other factors specific to the project
  • Develop desired outcomes - growing food for the family to transition a farm to fully regenerative practices 
  • Create a plan to execute the vision
  • Provide a detailed roadmap of actions 
  • Provide online video guides from world class expertise covering every aspect of teh programme
  • Provide access to global pool of mentors and guides 

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Who Benefits

One of the greatest impacts that Ark2030 can have is to mobilise millions of people around the world to have a better and closer relationship with nature and food systems

Long Term Impact

In addition to a world providing healthier and more sustainable food systems, at its heart ,The Global Farm will be responsible for redeveloping healthy soils around the world - potentially one of the greatest forms of Carbon Sequestration strategies that ha S the capacity to turn back the dial on the climate crisis

What We Need To Do

    The Ark 2030 Global Farm team is developing the technology and Resources to deliver the Global Farm Platform to the world in 2022. 

    This is the most effective way that we can create a truly global impact with our understanding of how we need to redesign food systems

    Your funding will help to accelerate the scale and depth of the programme so that we can provide critical knowledge and information for everyone on planet earth who wishes to make a difference 


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