Cycling for good, from 12 till 16 September 2022! Donations are collected in favor of Schweizer Tafel. 

For this 9th edition of the Tour de Credit Suisse, the Swiss team will go to Italy and participate at a multi-day cycling challenge called "Giro di Sardegna".

Let's enjoy the time! It’s also a great way to see some spectacular scenery!

Nevertheless, this will be a demanding physical challenge and it is aimed at experienced cyclists, however the key aim is to get everyone safely from start to finish and to raise lots of money for charity and the days will be broken up with food stops! 


Problem We Are Trying to Solve

Solidarity with those affected by poverty!

For 20 years, the Foundation "Schweizer Tafel" has been distributing free groceries to more than 500 social institutions such as shelters for the homeless, street kitchens, emergency shelters and aid organizations in German and French-speaking Switzerland. The perfectly edible food comes mainly from Swiss wholesalers, producers or even retailers who donate their surplus goods to the Schweizer Tafel.

Around 16 tons of food come together every day in 12 regions in Switzerland. 

In 2021, Schweizer Tafel distributed 4,762 tons of food to social institutions. Food that would otherwise have had to be disposed of became the equivalent of more than 9,4 million meals for people in need.

How We Are Going To Do It

Team formation: People across departments from Switzerland and other CS offices like Brazil and Poland will be taking part in this epic ride.

Covered costs: Participants are expected to cover the costs of their own accommodation, food and drink. In addition, participants will need to arrange travel / flights to / from the event. 

Who Benefits

More than 700,000 people in Switzerland live in difficult circumstances. With the pandemic, even more fell below the poverty line, mainly due to short-time working and job loss.

WORKING POORS - Anyone who works and still does not make it over the poverty line with the income they generate is known as a working poor.

SINGLE PARENTS - There are many single parents who can barely get by, more than 300,000 people across Switzerland are at risk of poverty.

POVERTY - Whether homeless, asylum seekers, victims of violence, people with addiction problems or depression, there are unfortunately many ways that lead to poverty.

Long Term Impact

The decisive factor was and is the situation-related necessity of supplying our social institutions such as shelters for the homeless, street kitchens, emergency shelters and delivery points. Especially, now in these challenging times, it is important for people affected by poverty to be able to obtain food - also in Switzerland.

Since the outbreak of the crisis COVID and people coming from Ukraine, the Schweizer Tafel has been driving more complex tours, which has led to additional kilometers and additional planning effort. The focus is no longer on the efficiency of the tours, but on meeting the needs of our customers. We want to relieve these additional costs with the crowdfunding campaigns on Copalana. The task of helping people in need must be able to continue at any time and we do not know how long the crisis will last.

What We Need To Do

The aim is for all participants to fundraise for Schweizer Tafel in their offices/home offices. Also family and friends are more than welcome to support. 

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