Step into action enables and motivates young people to help shape our society and a sustainable future. We dream of a society in which young people play an active role and confidently contribute their skills, concerns and values.

A sustainable future of our project and therefore of our society is possible with your donation!


Problem We Are Trying to Solve

As society, we are facing major challenges that we can only solve together. Be it climate change, racism, growing inequalities or the advancing digitization of different areas of life. We think that, on the one hand, the topic of sustainability gets still too little attention in society, politics and education. On the other hand we also feel that people feel more and more overwhelmed and paralyzed by global challenges and that especially young people, that will suffer the most from the consequences, have difficulties coping with this and knowing where to start.

We are convinced that young people and their energy, their drive and their wealth of ideas can make an important contribution to sustainable solutions. So our goal is to empower young adults by focussing on solutions and possibilities instead of problems. We have fun together, we inspire and challenge each other. And we meet at eye level - step into action is by young people for young people.

How We Are Going To Do It

We promote education for sustainable development (ESD) in Switzerland. In doing so, we break away from a problem-oriented perspective and concentrate on possible solutions, necessary competencies and tools that are needed for a sustainable society. 

We organize energetic youth summits and workshops for pupils and teachers of the upper secondary level. Each step into action Summit brings together 600-1000 young people, around 40 teachers, 25 civil society organizations and projects and 40 young volunteers. We create space for ideas, awareness-raising, empowerment, exchange and networking and motivate everyone involved to become active themselves.

Who Benefits

Our participants benefit, as they experience a safe space to reflect on themselves, their values and visions as well as exchange with other peers and experts.

As a society, we generally benefit from step into action, as young adults are enabled to actively participate in society and we can shape it together.

Our volunteer teams benefit from an exciting and valuable project and team experience in which they can get experience in project management, faciliation and workshop design.

Local associations and organizations also benefit from our program, as they can use our events to draw attention to opportunities for engagement in their organization or to pass on their expertise in the field of sustainability.

Teachers benefit because they receive a workshop and exchange on ESD and gain insight into new methods. 

Long Term Impact

In the long term, we empower and support the sustainable development goal #4 Quality Education. Through enabling education in sustainable development of the young generation, long lasting impact is generated as young people are our future and key to sustainable development.

What We Need To Do

You are welcome to give us your donation so that we can continue driving at full speed.

Instead of material gifts, how about to give someone a Copalana gift card, which can be redeemed for important charitable projects so that our project can continue to change the world.
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