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Best Practices

Think of an interesting title for your campaign to capture people's attention.

Your project picture will be the same as the other champions, so your title really sets you apart and makes your campaign different.
Capture your intention in a creative phrase!

Decide on how much you think you can contribute to your selected project's overall funding target.

Take the project's timeline into consideration to roughly plan your campaign activities (social media activity and events) to decide on how much you think you can raise.

Numerous studies show that people increasingly prefer short videos or pictures over text.

Tell your story and why you care about this project in a short personal video or with a personal picture to engage people and make your campaign page fun and unique.
Your network should be motivated to follow your lead.

Successful campaigns take off at the beginning.

Make sure your campaign page shows personal and interesting content.
Mobilize your close family and friends to comment on your page and fund your campaign (even if just a small amount) before you launch.
Create activity before you share it on your social media channels and email contacts.
Most people don't want to be the first ones to attend a party!!

Successful campaigns have a wide social media reach.

Mobilize your friends on facebook, followers on instagram and twitter to contribute to the cause you want to champion.
Also, virtual channels aren’t everything! Talk to people face to face about the project and inspire them to share it with their friends as well.

Campaigns tend to be more successful when accompanied by some real life activity.

Create buzz around your campaign page through a fun bake-off event, a marathon run or a cookie challenge that people will talk about.
Describe your event with a personal video or photo message to make it more fun. Get creative!
This allows you to get people involved and create teamwork.

You can download your personalized campaign information pdf here to print and take to the event.

Ask people to fund via the copalana website and/or bring a little box to collect cash on the spot to motivate people to action on the spot.
You should take into consideration that if you collect cash and later make a total e-donation on the campaign page yourself you will not have the information of the different supporters recorded on your campaign page.

You can’t just publish your crowdfunding page and call it good. Kickstarter recommends building a list of followers and supporters who you can tap at strategic points during the campaign.

This way, you can project the appearance that the campaign is growing steadily and not stalling out.

Make sure you post continuous text, video and photo updates on your campaign page to keep people engaged.

This way people can share your interesting updates on social media and draw in a wider audience.
Ask your friends to comment, share and fund your campaign continuously to maintain buzz and activity around your page.

It takes time to reach a funding target so you should be patient and not give up immediately.

However, make sure you stay informed on how your campaign is going, on who is commenting and liking.
Write back to the comments you get on your campaign page and on your social media channels.
You can stay in control of all your activity via your dashboard.
Make sure you visit it frequently.

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