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Vivamos Mejor would like to build bridges together with you for socially disadvantaged people in Latin America. They mantain three programms called "bridge to school", "bridge to working life" and "bridge for food and water". 

The LatAm team is very pleased to support Vivamos Mejor for the third time, this because of their great and important work.

In Latin America, many families, children and young people live in poverty. They need support to rise out of poverty and actively shape their futures.

The LatAM Team has decided to support a project called "More than maize". It is an important nutrition program for Mayan families in Guatamala. In the three indigenous village communities of Pajomel, Chuitzanchaj and Laguna Seca in the department of Sololá, more than 70% of the young children are malnourished. The harvests of Mayan families are threatened by declining soil fertility. Many children suffer from diarrheal diseases due to poor hygienic conditions and are unable to utilize the little food available. Malnutrition and undernourishment have a strong impact on development, especially during the first three years of life, and thus have lifelong consequences.

In Latin America many children, young people and families live in poverty. They need start-up assistance to get out of poverty and actively shape their lives.

Therefore Vivamos Mejor focus their vital support on projects like education, water and food in the following countries: Guatemala, Colombia, Nicaragua, Honduras.

For more details about the programs, please visit  

With your donation Vivamos Mejor support disadvantaged people, 

  • by raising awareness of hygiene, nutrition and agro-ecological farming methods among indigenous people in remote project areas through radio and TV campaigns.
  • by training smallholder families through agricultural advisory to manage their fields more sustainably and thus prevent soil fatigue.
  • by offering practical nutrition workshops to teach families how they can grow additional food to maize and integrate it into their diet.

Get out your phones and make a donation via TWINT or type in your credit card details. Let us stand together and make the weakest stronger. Let us reach our donation target as a team. We are counting on YOU!

Fundraiser updates

  • 05 Jan, 2023

    What a great start we had in the new year, seeing that an incredible CHF 4'728 have been collected from all of you together! This means we have exceeded the donation target – again! This was the third time that the LatAm-Board has supported a project by Vivamos Mejor. Thank you very much, also in the name of the whole team of Vivamos Mejor and the beneficiaries in Guatemala.

    This time you contributed to a three-year project that will start this year. It is a nutrition and hygiene project with 150 Mayan families in villages around Guatemala's Lake Atitlan. The majority of the infants in these villages are affected by chronic malnutrition. If the nutritional situation of these children does not improve, lifelong negative effects can be the result. For this reason, the project will put a strong focus on nutritional counselling, raising awareness in the field of hygiene and improving water supply. With your support, the project contributes to increasing the chances for a good development of these children. In the long run, the families and the whole community will benefit. 

    We wish you a good start into the new year and say again: muchísimas gracias! 
    Jasmin on behalf of the Vivamos Mejor team

  • 09 Dec, 2022

    Dear supporters from the LatAm board,

    Thank you very much for your support and interest in our work! This is truly motivating for us! So far already 15 people have donated for the nutrition project in the highland of Lake Atitlán in Guatemala which Sabine and Joachim presented to you in the call.

    Behind each of our projects stand people who put a lot of commitment into it. We take the chance to present you one of them: The 28-year-old agro-technician Luis Alfredo Bixcul (28). At Vivamos Mejor's field school, Luis offers important agricultural advice to the local communities.

    We thank you again for your support, also in the name of the project staff and beneficiaries in Guatemala.

    All the best and have a wonderful festive season,
    Jasmin and the Vivamos Mejor team

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